Friday, 8 August 2014

Seminggu Bersama Iva: Freiburg

Okay, it's late, I'm exhausted and all I can think of is sleep right now so let's make this quick. On Wednesday Iva and I went to Freiburg. It was my wish to see Freiburg and Schwarzwald. The town was not what I expected but it was indeed magnificent. I'm sorry these pictures don't do it justice because, seriously, there are tons of adorable local shops lining the small streets, there are little alleys and there is even a street that is lined with clean water coming - I think - from the Schwarzwald. I love the amount of greeneries covering buildings as well as bridging two buildings. Oh, so magnificent! I really, really regret not taking more pictures. But I was so awed by the beauty and was just enjoying the moment that my camera would feel heavy around my neck. Oops.

Iva has a beautiful friend named Jasmine, who lives in Freiburg. She'd invited us to stay at her home and agreed to be our tour guide during our stay there. Woohoo! Unlike me, Iva's been to Freiburg before so she knows her favourite places to be - least one. She wanted to hang out at the Feierling Brewery. At first, they were kind of bummed that we had to sit at the biergarten because that means they couldn't show me the brewing machine. But I saw it anyway. It was huge! But, of course, it was abandoned for the day. The girls quickly decided for two huge jugs of beer. I didn't partake, just happy to be of company. Afterwards, we went to the Münster church and Jasmine actually wanted to climb the tower but, sadly, it was closed right as we got there. To mend her broken heart, she bought a Bratwurst. Haha. Then we made our way to the Schlossbergbahn to get to Schwarzwald without walking - well, I was the only unwilling to walk but come on! But we did ended up walking uphill a little bit to check out this incredibly - yet seems not too long ago - abandoned, mysterious building. None of us had any idea what that building could've been. But it probably wasn't part of a royal treasure.

At the end of the day, Jasmine drove us to her house and ushered us into our room right away. The place was magical! I mean, you have a certain image of sleeping over at a friend's house. And it surely looks nothing like sleeping in a hotel. But this room was so well-prepared and had immaculate facilities that it was surely a hotel! I'm not going to show you the room or the house, obviously. But let me leave you with that image.

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