Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Seminggu Bersama Iva: Wilhelma + Seilbahn

Arithalia dress // thrifted purse // Urban Outfitters hat // Converse shoes // outfit photos taken by Iva

Hello, heidi-ho, dear readers! Have you been well? Guess where I am! Well, if you read my previous outfit post, it should come as no surprise to you. I am in Stuttgart! This is honestly not the first time I've been here but it certainly is the first time I get to sleep over at my dear friend Iva's house. And yes, I will be staying here for a week. Obviously I will be taking advantage of my stay to venture places I had never been to before and seeing another dear old friend. Okay, so our first destination is Stuttgart itself since I just arrived the night before so Iva thought it would be better to just ease me into it. It's nice, actually, because she brought me to see a part of Stuttgart that I'd never seen before.

Our first stop was Wilhelma, which is a beautiful zoo. I wasn't a huge fan of zoos, to be honest. I mean, it's okay but it wouldn't be a destination for me - except maybe to go on a date. Also, I don't know how the zoos in your countries are like but this one made my knees weak. It was filled with hills and valleys, going up and down. Actually, I think I was exhausted mostly because we almost never stopped to just sit. Well, there were so many beautiful animals, the birds were flying free and the plants were incredible. I love how their greenhouses are designed! Very turn-of-the-century! Oh yeah, Iva's sister came along on the trip. She has a Nikon D7000 and an immaculate photography skill. I love all the pictures she took of Iva and me together. Thank you so much for taking them, Kak Imey ♥

Afterwards, we were headed for Seilbahn. However, the tram schedule went haywire because some idiot didn't pay enough attention of the railway as he was driving his truck and got stuck, blocking the way. For goodness' sakes, we had to walk a bit longer - I mean, Wilhelma was more than I could already take - to get a connection train. Thankfully, we get a connection right away and there wasn't any more difficulties. As soon as we reached Seilbahn's station, we hopped on the beautiful wooden train. It's a mountain train, pulled by two huge pulleys at the top. The train is apparently 85 years old! It was built back in 1929 to accommodate workers who work at Waldfriedhof - it seems this is the only transportation to get there. When we got to the top, we did nothing but eat ice cream and look at the plants at the florist - the only shop up there. We ended up going back the same time as the shop owner. Ha! We also boarded the Zahnradbahn right after although I didn't take any pictures because it looks just like the local underground train. But the view was amazing!

Well, that's day one from my trip! I think the next adventures are going to be even greater!

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