Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Seminggu Bersama Iva: Heidelberg with Kynann

Urban Outfitters hat // Number 61 shirt // Motel Rocks pants via TK Maxx // thrifted purse // Converse sneakers // photo of me by Kynann

Despite this series being called "Seminggu Bersama Iva" - which translates to "A Week with Iva" - today's real quick post has nothing to do with her. On my last full day staying at her place, I went to Heidelberg on my own to see one of my good friends Kynann. We hadn't hung out for over two years and it was insane! We still talked regularly through Facebook or something. But I really missed hanging out with him again. Again, I took only very few pictures. Well, we didn't do anything interesting anyway. Mostly, we just had lunch, bought bubble tea (my favourite!) and explored parts of the town I'd never been to before. It was really nice. There were old half-ruined castles, classic houses and gorgeous colours lining the streets. Then we went a little way out of town to lie by the riverbank a little bit and relax. What a day! Although Kynann had never been on the blog before, I think of him as my older brother. Sometimes I go to him for advice and vice versa. We respect each other and that's always important in a friendship. Also, sorry the last photo above is the only portrait of him that I could get.

So, that wraps up my days spent at Iva's place. I will miss her so much! Can't wait to hang out again!

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