Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Location: Bittersweet

Bittersweet isn't a feeling. It's not a moment. It's a place. That's where I am right now. I'm at bittersweet.  Yesterday, Firu and I went to see L√∂wenburg. Firu was very curious about it and I have been there. We took a different route from the one I took before. So we got to see new sights together. I love seeing the little waterfalls and the huge lake with all kinds of aviations and water lilies. I couldn't get enough of all the greeneries there. We got there far easier and faster than I did before so I guess the credit goes to Firu. He was kind of disappointed when we arrived there but, well, what are you going to do? On the way home, we found a huge mushroom -- well, actually, Firu did. It looked kind of like the one we found before, though.

Bittersweet isn't a feeling, it's a person. She's been my best friend since middle school. Bittersweet is those memories you remember and knowing you're going to smile and wince of both the happiness and the pain of it all at the same time. Bittersweet is life, where you meet goodbyes and hellos simultaneously all the time and you don't know whether to be happy or sad. That's Bittersweet. She's my best friend, I know her well. This time she forces me to feel between happy to see my family and best friends in Indonesia again and sad to part from Firu and Germany for several weeks. Such a cruel, cruel best friend Bittersweet is.

Denim coat// Mom's or Sis's; Skirt// flea market; Bag// Gifted; Belt// C&A; Brogues// Primark

On the way to making this trip, I was chatting with my sister about chopping off my hair. Out of everyone, whose opinion I've asked, she tends to be the most upset about this decision of mine. She told me that I'm pretty with long hair and I don't look like a hobo -- despite my belief. I thought, My sister always says nice things like that. But when we arrived -- and my hairstyle totally blew -- Firu told me that my hair was better let down. And, all of a sudden, I realised that maybe more people than I cared to know like my hair the way it is. That day I had a good hair day. I loved my hair all over again. This shakes my decision on chopping it off. On another note, a few days ago, I read Zahra's post about her ex-boyfriend making her a flower crown. I told Firu this on our trip and how I wanted one from him too. He then said thoughtfully, "Poor bees." Which just made me speechless and consider my wish once again, thinking Firu was right. But I couldn't resist putting this one dandelion I already plucked to decorate my hair.

Notice anything new? Yes, why oh yes! These lovely brogues from Primark! In the weekends, Firu and I went to Frankfurt to buy my sister and best friend -- and, apparently, myself -- clothes from Primark. Yes, I went there exclusively to go to Primark. We even ended up not doing ANYTHING aside from going to Primark. We actually stumbled upon our friend, Vita, so I guess that was a plus. Frankfurt was kind of nice but there's not much of anything cultural there so we -- meaning Firu, Edwin, Iva, Wilson and I -- aren't interested at all to go there, aside from going to and from Indonesia. Firu and I were very interested to go to Darmstadt, though. Too bad we didn't have the time. By the way, I'm still at Bittersweet so I'm too down in the dump to write in German. Sorry! Cheerio!


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