Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sister's Sister: The Brilia Sisters

Hey, everyone! It is such a joy for me to inform you all that I finally get to see my big sister again. I'd like you all to meet Amaquita Briliastuti. She has probably been one of the biggest inspirations in my life -- mostly, fashion-wise. She sacrificed some of her semester time to come and see me in Surabaya, Indonesia, while I come to visit. And, yes, if you haven't guessed it yet, I'm not going to Melbourne. Such a shame. It would've been a pretty sight to go and take outfit photos there. But, alas, we must reunite here and be merry with our own circumstances.

Bivi's wearing: Batik dress// Sis's; Hat// Thrifted; Bag// Typo (Sis's); Tights// H&M; Shoes// Primark |

Quita's wearing: Blouse// Cotton On; Cardigan// Yellowline; Glasses// Optik Pasti; Bag// Typo (mine); Shoes// Bandung

It's probably no secret that I have so many other halves, my sister is one of them. As sisters, we've gotten along quite well growing up, much to our parents' delight. Our mom always jammed us into the same bedroom ever since we were kids so it's just so hard not to get along. I love her so much, even though I don't say enough. We have relatively very different tastes in many things -- fashion and men included -- but that makes us so perfect for one another. She was always the quiet one, I was always the loud one. She was the pretty one, I was the weird one. She was shy and I was shameless. She was long-haired and skinny, I was short-haired and fat. That all changed not too long ago. But we still love each other. Not seeing each other for more than a year is more than we could take. So glad that we are once again side by side now. The Brilia Sisters.

All pictures are taken with my sister's Canon Kiss X4 (Canon 550D)

Aside from my sister, I am so glad to see my grandmother again. I could tell she is too. She always calls me her soulmate. I'd like to think that I'm her favourite granddaughter since I look so much like her only daughter, my mother. Aside from that, we used to chat all night about things that a grandchild and a grandmother rarely speak of. I find so much glee in her affections.

Okay, real quick on the outfit. If this wasn't a post on my sister, I would've named it "Fifty Shades of Brown." There may not be that many shades on this outfit but it's close enough. I found this batik dress the night before my flight to Surabaya and decided to just put it on. My sister doesn't know whether it's hers or not, but let's just say it is. The satchel bags are both bought by my sister. The limeaide one is mine. It says limeaide in the website but it sure looks mint to me. We switched our respective bags today for the sake of my outfit. Can you tell from these pictures that I am overflowing with joy and euphoria? Have a wonderful weekend, all! Cheerio!


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