Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Friendly Feature: Daily Random Word Doodle

The twitter world has been quite interesting these days thanks to Charles Santoso. Since May 2012, he has been starting this really great event, of some sort. Everyday he asks for a random word from his fellow followers to based his drawings on. I have never had a chance to contribute, sad to say. But his end results are always top-notch and deserve rounds of applause. It's really not an exhibition but it should be. Here are some of his works on the matter:

These few are just my most favourites. How did he come up with these pictures from such mundane words is beyond me. Please give your hands up for Mr. Charles Santoso! Other works of his on this theme, you can check out here. You can also contribute to see what other inspiring ideas he can come up with on this theme -- if he's still doing it -- by following his twitter and keep yourself posted. Have fun! Cheerio!

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