Monday, 13 August 2012

Stakeout Fake Out

Dress// Found in my closet; Satchel// Mom's; Tights// H&M; Sunnies// Sis's (borrowed); Loafers// Studio Nine

As you can probably see, I am now back home in Jakarta, Indonesia. Funny how the word home can change according to how you feel. Home IS where the heart is, after all. Since I got back, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in this town city. First of all – despite what my Stepmom has to say, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my house. None of which actually bothers me. But it’s gotten kind of hard to spot my old things. Good news: I can still scout old belongings of my late mother! Several days after her death –after all of the pain and crying, we decided to sort out Mom’s old things, such as clothes, bags/purses and shoes. Some we decided to keep, some we threw out or gave to charity. Sometimes I used her old things and sometimes I forgot the things that I chose to preserve. Finding her old belongings really spoke to me because ever since I dipped my toes in the lake we call fashion, I’ve gotten really interested in vintage items and wanted to see what my Mom owned. Aside from that, I remembered many things I own that I left here and was so excited to style them that I could hardly sleep.

Let me ask you a question: if you found a trench coat-like dress and binoculars among your properties, what would be the first thing that came to mind? A stakeout, of course! That’s what happened to me. The first night I arrived home, I quickly ran to check out old clothes of mine. Among them, I found this lovely trench coat-like dress. How could I own such a thing and NOT have brought it with me or remembered I own it? In the exhilaration of trying to style this dress, I stumbled upon one of my mom’s old satchel bags. And when I opened the bag, I found these amazing binoculars! How could my mom own such a pretty thing and not tell me about it?! I’ve always wanted these. Inevitably, an idea popped into my head: I should stage a stakeout! Of course, the stakeout didn't turn out as awesome as I once have thought but, oh well.

So after having the crazy idea of staging a stakeout, I contacted my high school buddy, Cynthia, and decided to meet up. I’ve missed her! And she me. This was also a great opportunity to get someone to snap my photos. Sneaky, sneaky me. She doesn’t mind, thank God. She then contacted our friend, Enggar, who lives nearby and we had a blast. We went to explore a little bit of Cipete Raya and found small boutiques -- one of which was a batik boutique. They were lovely, except for the fact that most of them were closed. Too bad. So we went right on ahead to Pondok Indah Mall and enjoyed break fasting -- because, even though I wasn't fasting, Enggar was. Afterwards, we attacked the bookstores and explored the place a little bit before we went home. Oh, by the way, Enggar took most of these beautiful photos. I love them!

Oh, have you noticed the haircut? Yes, I got this the first day I was able to actually function because Indonesia is piping hot! If I didn't cut my hair, I'm pretty sure I'd be going nuts by now. I love this, by the way, and have got several compliments thanks to it. These loafers I bought earlier yesterday because I was wearing my mom's old loafers and the soles gave way under my feet. It became an urgency to replace them then. Thank God, I found a pair that was 50% off and highly comfortable. I have been enjoying my time here so far and am looking for a day of total leisure today. Tomorrow I will continue on with a much needed reunion with two of my best friends, Gina and Uli. Seriously can't wait!  Have a lovely Monday, all! Cheerio!

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