Monday, 3 September 2012

The Great Reunion: Japanese Day

The line reads: The Great Reunion

Uh-oh, I'm totally cheating on Firu with Mimin. But you can tell that Mimin's a perfect lady, right?

Hello, everyone! Did you enjoy your weekends? Well. I sure did. It was like going back in time. Like I said, Anime Festival Asia Indonesia went on this week and my best friends and I had our great complete reunion there. What better chance could come across, really? We met up at Gina's place in the morning to drive up there. At first, we were going to take Gina to her animation class first and wait on her. But the traffic got in the way of that and we ended up going straight to the festival. Uli was a huge help since she was a natural navigator and we didn't get lost mostly thanks to her. Once we got there, long lines were already forming. Thank God we've bought the tickets already so we didn't have to wait that long.

Before you read this paragraph, I'd like to warn you: SPOILER ALERT! We weren't very satisfied with AFAID. It was overcrowded and there weren't even that many stands to choose from. The worst part is all of the convention happenings happened inside huge rooms (even the non-VIP ones), which suffocated the guests. It didn't even live up to our expectations but we did have fun taking pictures of/with people cosplaying. Sindi even got separated from us for quite sometime, just roaming the place on her own. I kind of regretted not going to the Maid Café but I heard it was expensive so I guess that was a blessing in disguise.

Blouse// Sis's; Blazer// 1982; Skirt// H&M; Bag// Chanel (Mom's); Socks// Sox Galeri; 
Shoes// Studio Nine; Neck Tie// Flapper Girl; Picture// alivegurl

To the festival, I came as a japanese high school girl. This was my first 'cosplay.' I wrote 'cosplay' because I was totally not in character, as cosplayers should be. I dressed up and I just became me -- who I probably wanted to become anyway. Look from afar, you'd think this is a well-thought cosplay. Look upclose and you'll know it was just putting together everyday pieces. Three things to highlight from this outfit: the navy + plaid blazer, the hearty lady neck tie and the melodic knee-high socks. I found the blazer one day at a 1982 store in Kassel. I just fell in love. I had to get my hands on it. The tie was a giveaway prize from Flapper Girl that I won last month. It got here just in time for AFA. I will definitely wear it many times to come. The socks, however, are an item I bought when I was obsessed with piano-patterned anything. That was ages ago. At the festival, the thick materials totally killed me but I resisted. By the time we were out of there, I've had my blazer wrapped around my hips. I felt like I seriously just came home from school just in time to hangout with my besties. By the way, I was inspired by Nancy Zhang to include my handmade pictures along with several outfit photos for every outfit post I make. This probably won't be regular but I will do as many as I can.

Do you notice my ever so comical face up there?

I can't believe we attacked Sushi Tei once again after our first (and smaller) reunion. But we just had to. The following day was Mimin's birthday and we hadn't enough energy to think of where to eat. Sushi Tei was always our go-to place so off we went. Mimin was ever so generous to treat us sushi and japanese food. And she got a free sushi 'birthday cake' from Sushi Tei. Happy birthday, Mimin! We were jacked up on sushi and japanese food by the end of it all and decided to attack the arcade next. Hooray! We took purikura and played OutRun2SP -- which turned out to be pretty exciting! -- there. Uli and Sindi played Dance Dance Revolution until the room spinned. That wasn't the end of it, though. We all came back to my house for a much-needed sleepover. This story is to be continued. Cheerio!

P.S: All of the photos were taken by any of us with either Uli's Sony SLT-AS7 or Gina's Canon EOS 1100D

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