Sunday, 9 September 2012

Literary Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society

I don't know if I've told you before but I'm a huge nerd. By that, I mean that I love reading books and obtaining information of such. I love exploring the literary world, be it epics, drama or lyrical. If by doing so, I am forever stamped as a nerd, so be it. Aside from that, I am a child at heart. Yes, my body will grow up and my maturity may increase. But I will always love the quirky little things that make me a child, heart and soul. That is one of the reasons why I chose to feature this book that I'm only partly sure you've never heard of before. I present to you...

all illustrations by Diana Sudyka

Meet Reynie Muldoon, an orphaned genius of a boy who was attracted to a fairly questionable advertisement he saw in the paper. The advertisement called for gifted children looking for special opportunities. Two sessions were listed, in which tests were held. The tests were seemingly impossible. They were too to Reynie, at first. However, he managed to do them correctly, apparently, because then he was called back along with three other gifted children: Sticky Washington, a runaway child who's won a great number of quizzes and a great deal of money; Kate Wetherall, a circus girl who was orphaned and now lived with the circus with her guardian, Moocho Brazos; and Constance Contraire, a remarkably impatient and disagreeable child who lived in the library for quite some time. These three were united by Mr. Benedict, the man behind the seemingly suspicious advertisement. Apparently, they were gathered there to snoop into L.I.V.E. (The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened), a highly secluded boarding school.

There are a total of three books of this series. I can proudly say that I have read them all. I have enjoyed every minute of reading them. Before MBS, I have honestly never heard of Trenton Lee Stewart. But now I believe he's a very delightfully brilliant man to have been the one behind this series. In these books, there are a number of confusing but intriguing puzzles that, if you're smart enough to know, you might want to try. Aside from that, what got me hooked was also Diana Sudyka's childish and fresh illustrations. I'm so glad she made the illustrations until the end. Oh, by the way, you have yet to hear the best part.

Most recently, I've purchased the second to latest book to their series, The Mysterious Benedict Society: Mr. Benedict's Book of Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrum. To sum up, it is the compilations of puzzles made by Trenton Lee Stewart (represented by the MBS characters). I couldn't wait to open it and solve all the puzzles -- if my brain ability lets me. I have solved some, mind you. It is in full-colour and designed by Diana Sudyka as well. Try flipping through all the pages and see if you don't want to try your brain at all their puzzles. Their latest book is also not to be missed. It's called The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. From the title, you could guess that it speaks more of Mr. Benedict's past than of the children. But aren't you curious? Have you read this series? If you have, do share your tale of this book and who's your favourite character? (Mine are Constance and Milligan). If you haven't, don't hesitate to try. Cheerio!


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