Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Third Time's the Charm: The Video

Remember this post when Divina came to visit me in Halle? That day we kind of wanted to make a stop-motion video. We got the photos we needed but I've forgotten quite a while to edit it all and actually make a video out of them. Here is the outcome. It's pretty short and everything but it sure makes me want to record/edit more videos. Hopefully I can make more in the future. Especially with the talented Divina Aulia and Andara Shastika. Enjoy!

Music: Les Deux Pianos by Yann Tiersen

Also, my hair was still long here and I feel a pang of nostalgia as I edited this video. I have yet to regret my choice though. Having short-cropped hair rocks! Have a tremendous Tuesday, all! Cheerio!

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