Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blog Makeover + Closet Overhaul

Hello, everyone! I see that you have noticed some major changes on the blog as of late. Yes, yes, here's to an awesome blog makeover! It's amateur work, as you've probably noticed, but I'm very happy with how it turns out. Since the last layout seemed to just be a collective vomit of colours, I try to keep it subtle this time. Anyway, how do you like it? I did everything myself, read up on html codes and css thingamajigs to make it come true and set up on a layout I really want. Not just the layout got a total makeover, the About Me page has also changed anew and I also made some blog buttons so you can spread the love.

On another note, I'm also having a huge closet overhaul at the moment. You can check out the items by clicking the picture below or go to my Kleider Kreisel (Germany only) for more info. When you've decided on an item, contact me so we can discuss the shipping. It's open internationally, I ship everywhere. Also, I accept payment by paypal. If you're living in Indonesia or Germany, I also accept bank transfers.

Have a happy weekend, all! 

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