Monday, 4 March 2013

Not All Who Are Lost Were Wandering

“Wouldn't it be fun if all the castles in the air which we make could come true and we could live in them?” 

How come a kingdom far, far away or a land beyond the second star to the right or a world where nothing makes sense seems more tempting than real life? For they may hold a promise to a better life, to take us away from all these trivial issues, by which our hearts are hardened so. They create an illusion of possible happy endings, which we might or might not receive in reality. The thought of fleeing, of running away, of getting lost. Anywhere but here. It bores the same notion the castle in the sky has in store for us. That's kind of the reason why I enjoy running away so much. Not the kind of running away from home that dramatic films tend to have. It would be rather pointless what with the lack of parents and all. But sometimes when I feel rather down or bored, I like getting lost somehow. The easiest way is to hop on a public transportation and let it take me to its terminal, whilst having the choice to get off whenever I see something interesting. That's always fun.

Primark coat // C&A Kids cardigan // Pieces Scarf // New Yorker top // Esprit skirt // Hudson tights // H&M socks // boots via froschgrün // 

 thrifted backpack via Oxfam

The other day I did just that and ended up in a forest called Habichtswald just on the outskirts of Kassel. It was packed with snow and I was quickly mesmerised by the sight. The trees were tall, thin and bald. Covered by snow, the trails can hardly be seen so I was a little terrified of getting lost. Sure, that's what I came out here to do but the actual meaning of 'lost' might equal death here so, no, I didn't want that. Turns out there were plenty of people here, mostly walking their dogs, skiing or sledding. Oh, how I envy them. Being in the woods certainly gave me a certain enchanted feeling and glee for I had never been in the woods back home. Funny, really, since Indonesia is supposed to house a lot more woods than Germany. Well, we lived in a big city - the capital one, no less - and it is somewhat far away from all the woods and mountains. Plus, public transports can either be highly uncomfortable or extremely complicated. I'm proud to say that I've spent a day out on the rice fields once, though. Which, of course, isn't something people do out here. Anyway, have a dreamy Monday! 
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