Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down

There is truth in the song that bears the same title as this post. A spoonful of sugar does make the medicine go down. If, when you're doing something, you bring at least a spoonful of excitement or positive feeling to the activity, it will seem lighter than it probably really is. The contrary also applies, though, in which if you put even a pinch of bad mood into the concoction, there's no telling how heavy the whole task might be. This has been an idea that rang so true in my life in the last couple of weeks. Most people call it the winter blues. The lack of sun has been bringing me down. But now that the season is slowly transitioning, I feel really cheerful and productive. And I've been on nesting mode as of late. I rearranged my room, got new furniture and am looking for a bed. I'm actually thinking of making some paintings or getting some prints to be displayed on the wall. So excited to share with you when I'm done decorating it into a space that I like. Little heads up, I'm not a decorating wizard. So beware.

Primark peter pan dress // Yumi coat c/o Sis // Gelugu Accessories heart necklace // thrifted skirt // vintage loafers + leather bag

There is just something exquisitely charming about post-war England. At least, to me there is. I love the whole romantic notion created by the nannies and midwives of Old England. In fact, lately, I've started to follow a new series set in the '50s, Call the Midwife. It is so dangerously charming, although set in a very dirty and poor corner of London. I can't help but to take notice of their fashion and settings. By the by, their accents and choice of words fascinate me every minute. Ever since I was little, I've always admired the fashion style of a nanny. I'm a huge fan of Mary Poppins as I've mentioned before and this outfit reminds me of nannies, probably closer to the late '50s, especially the bag. The guy who sold it to me at the flea market said that it was a teacher's bag back in the late '60s/'70s and it's real leather too. Score! What about you? What kind of style do you admire the most and inspires you the most?

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  1. Loving your fun red outfit and unique style! Loving the shoes too! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at


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