Saturday, 30 March 2013

Second Star to the Right Straight on 'Til Morning

The grass is cool under the weight of their bodies. Though the day was hot, there are mildews all over the field. The cool summer night wind blows mildly past them. If they were anyone else, they might be able to point out the constellations. They are not. So they just stare at the sky, blown away by how beautiful and humble the night sky is. The moon hangs low just a little over the trees which surround them. Crickets chirp (?) in the distance, lulling them to sleep. It feels so nice to be out here, just enjoying the view, thinks she. They have seen in a film once, of a teenage couple, stargazing all the time with their great telescope, pointing out the lines of stars. But here is the magical thing about stars. Even though you don't really understand them, you can still enjoy and cherish their beauty. She lays her hand on the grass and so does he. Without a sound, they link their hands together. Without a word, their fingers intertwine and their smiles spread, basking in the moonlight.

If On a Winter's Night Young Lovers by Paul Sheaffer


De Sternennacht (The Starry Night) by Vincent van Gogh

We All Shine On by Lisa Barbero


Night Sky and the City by Maximilliano Cabrera

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