Monday, 1 April 2013

You Know The World Revolves in Reverse?

Happy April Fool's Day, people! I don't think it's a day to be celebrated with cakes and festivities. Ha! But enjoy the day and be careful of tomfoolery, everyone! Guess what? The world revolves in reverse now and that's pretty much why, instead of spring, autumn arrives now. That was a pretty bad lie, huh? But it sure as hell feels like that. The snow has melted away, revealing the heaps of dried leaves under the trees. Gleeful I am, stomping all over them, feeling them crack under my feet. I wish I could just roll around on them all day, embracing the chill and the sun in my face. Weather forecasts have predicted that it was going to be cloudy and gloomy all week but it had been sunny so far. I hope they're also wrong about the temperature anytime soon. These photos were taken before I went to see Firu with Saku-chan. I'm not bringing my laptop with me so I won't be showing up around here for two weeks - except for this month's Illustrators Arise feature. But don't worry, I'll be back with a bunch of new stuff.

Mom's + DIY sweater // self-designed batik dress // Typo satchel // Soho Zoo boots // H&M tights // Primark coat

This is an outfit essentially consisting of items that I made, one way or another. I've probably said this over and over again but this batik dress is something I am thoroughly proud of. Sure, I did not sew the stitches myself but there's just something accomplishing about being able to wear something you've scratched on paper. It was as if a creation of mine was brought to life. It's so special to me that I rarely ever wear it, only on special occasions - this time I made an exception, though. The sweater is a DIY out of Mom's old sweater. It was my first too! To be honest, I'm not much for wearing sweaters so, for the most part, this item just sits in my closet. It probably would've been different if a.) I'd had adorable sweaters - which I do not - or b.) I'd spent all my life in a cooler environment - I've lived all my life in a tropical country. I'm not complaining, though. Plus, I feel like collecting some boots from now on and wanting to throw out my shoes which aren't boots. Oh! Speaking of throwing out clothes, have you checked out my closet sale yet?

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