Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round

Bike style has been booming, hasn't it? Bike style, to me, is really humble which opposes high fashion - which, to be honest, I despise. Everyone can get a bike, it makes places more accessible and really fun plus healthy. Before, people tend to think that you have to wear pants/shorts upon riding bikes. Now, you can see plenty of ladies wearing skirts and dresses and strolling with their bikes. When they go past me, I can't help but to gape at the sight. Pretty ladies glimmer in the spring and summer, don't they? I especially love Elizabeth's rendition of bike styles. Plus, these ladies from Bikes + Babes. How nice it is to have a bike of your own. My ideal bike would have to be able to carry a passenger and have a basket on the front. I carry a lot of stuff so, of course, I'd need a basket. We had bikes when I was little. I used to ride it all day, especially during holidays. Our neighbourhood was so comfy for bike riding and I go crazy. I even biked in the rain. But a somewhat traumatic experience happened to me and I haven't biked much since. That doesn't mean I don't want to bike anymore, though.

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Since the weather has gotten warmer and warmer lately, people have been going out with bikes. And is it just me or do bikes look more apparent in the sun? Maybe because the weather is awfully appropriate. Therefore, here I am, aching to own one myself. Every summer, this fever hits me like a storm. Every summer I promise myself I'll get a bike but never did. This summer, that's all about to change. I've been asking around whether to buy a bike or a tripod. Everyone says I should buy a bike. So a bike I'm getting. My friend, Rezy, bought a used bike in Kassel for only 30€ - and he lost some serious weight thanks to it too! Since I don't have much money in my budget for distractions like a bike or tripod, buying a used one is definitely the only way to go. I'll probably look for a bike later this weekend. Fingers crossed I'll be able to ride one before Monday comes. Though it doesn't do much for transportation costs for me, it'll still be awesome to bike everywhere. Gotta learn the bike routes around town!

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