Thursday, 11 April 2013

Easter with 桜子: Zeche Zollern

The trip continues in the morrow. While the previous day was devoted to Saku-chan, this day was more or less about me. At the very least, the whole reason we went out of the house at all on this day was thanks to me. When I was researching for my paper last month, I stumble upon some photographs of this place and was smitten to visit. So here we were in Zeche Zollern Industry Museum. Back in the days, this place was a mining factory. They deal mostly with coals. The museum shows us many things about life back then. Starting from the miners' daily life, cultural aspects, scandals - there were underage miners and many deaths during the mining process. There was even a whole exhibition about the danger of explosions inside the caves. The display was so realistic and highly believable, it gave me the chills. I adore the architecture of the buildings in this complex. They were all something from the early 20th century, which I love.

What attracted me to visit this place in the first place was the machine hall. It has this terribly huge gate in an art nouveau style. Too bad, at this moment, the hall was renovated and repainted that people could only go in at certain dates. I misread the information and came at the wrong time. Oh, but what the heck, so long as we were there, just enjoy the moment. The green lines around the door used to be cream coloured. Personally, I think it was better in cream. There were also all these train cars parked just outside on the train tracks. It was all very pretty and I wanted to hop on but it was prohibited. Too bad. Just next to the tracks, there was a huge contraption which played a role as a sort of elevator to transport the miners down to the mining site. It was mighty huge and I imagine down there would be so scary. There was a small art exhibition at the end of the tour, portrayals of miners and the mining industry. This opened my mind to what this whole industry was all about and all the downside to it. By the way, we saw a model of a transport system that played a huge role to our next trip. Stay tuned!

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