Tuesday, 23 April 2013


There is a high school friend of mine called Maya, who now lives in Japan. Every year she always posts pictures of cherry blossoms or summer festivals on Facebook. You better BELIEVE I am just dipped deep in a lake of envy. Haha. Earlier this month another friend flew to Japan on vacation and I also just found an Indonesian fashion blog, The Sweetest Escape. Wrong timing, though, because Stevia is currently in Japan right now. It feels like everyone in the whole world is going to Japan right now and I'm stuck here, not even in my own hometown. Thank God, there are also cherry blossoms in Germany, though. Last spring, I didn't find any in Halle so I was mega excited upon finding tons in Kassel. Saku-chan told me about the different sorts of cherry blossoms. I think these ones here are 八重桜 (Yaezakura) or double-flowered cherry trees. There's even a cherry tree just across the street - that one's a 染井吉野 (Someiyoshino). For more info for different types of cherry blossoms, check this out. Despite my issues with the colour pink, I still think these are so beautiful. I wish we could go on 花見 (Hanami) or flower-viewing. Well, at least, if I can't be in Japan, I can spend the day with a Japanese friend. Yesterday was Saku-chan's birthday and we got together at her place on Saturday. When I said we, I meant Saku, Arnoud, his brother, Renate and I. There was a lot of food, a little bit of piano and accordion and plenty of fun. It was the first time ever I went home after midnight in Kassel.

Unbranded blouse // New Yorker jumper // flea market skirt // Sox Galeri socks // Deichmann oxfords

For the whole of winter I didn't wear this skirt at all. It looks terrible with coats. Well, at least, to me. It has always been too big on my waist but I never did anything about it. It has elastic waistband so I thought it didn't matter. Until now. I finally took it in and it fit better, I feel better wearing it. I am so glad I can finally wear this skirt the way I want to again. Though I didn't plan to match my outfits with my surroundings, I got pretty close. While I was taking these pictures, I stumbled upon a wise old man. We talked a little, small talks. He told me that he just got back from New Zealand a couple days and he still got jet lag. He then gave me a wisdom: "When you're young, you should travel!" A word of advice: spare some time in your daily life to listen to what old people have to say. Old people, who has something to say to youngsters, are wise. That means they have wisdom to share. And young people, who listen, are wise to take their wisdom. It's always so nice to meet such grandparent figures. The first wisdom I received from an old lady was, "Let the guy pay for your meal on your first date!" That was before I even met Firu. She said, it was to gauge just how much he likes you. A decent guy - doesn't have to be great or perfect, just decent - will at least do this for you.

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