Saturday, 27 April 2013

Not Of Cobblestone Streets and Brickhouses

H&M dress (worn as a top) + blazer (borrowed) // Pimkie tulle skirt // gifted bag // tights c/o My Hudson // Studio Nine moccassins

The other day, a friend of mine led me to an interesting article about what happens when you live abroad. I'm afraid I have to disagree to some parts of it, though. For one, I didn't go abroad to start anew, with a clean slate or what have you. I don't have long enough history to want to rewrite it. I haven't burned so many bridges to want to build new ones somewhere else. That, to me, sounds a lot like running away. And if it was, it shouldn't cost this much. The reason I wanted to get out of the country, to experience life on the outside, is not what is in me personally. Sure, it's my personal interests but not my history. It's the culture on the outside, wanting to know how they live and if I would survive. To see how far I can go and test my limits - and break them. If all you want is a blank slate, a new start, doesn't that mean that starting anywhere, anywhere at all, wouldn't matter? It's a little sad for the country you choose and the efforts you make, don't you think? Though for the rest of the article, I kind of agree. Yes, sometimes it scares me how life goes on without me. And yes, sometimes I wish I was there to witness it all. But we keep in touch. Though life goes on back home without me, though places I used to know become less familiar anymore, though inside jokes pile on while I'm away, the same goes for me. I grow up, I change, what I hold dear changes and the things I know and learn pile on. I'm not the only one missing things. But I would choose this life over and over.

This kind of reminds me of tourists who go abroad to take pictures of the 'significant' places - probably with them in it as well - then go straight to shopping. As if you can't do that in your own country. Okay, shopping for typical items of the country, that's obvious, mandatory even. But shopping for clothes you could buy back home? That is just pointless. So you basically paid a huge sum amount of money, just for a different shopping experience? I can never understand that. When the time you spend on shopping pales in comparison to the time you spend on getting around and seeing all you should and could see, then that's acceptable. But otherwise, well. I once read on someone's blog about her experience going to Paris. Paris! That city I fell in love with thanks to all its artistical beauty. And all she remembered was getting in line to grab some Louis Vuitton bag or godknowswhat. I facepalm-ed all over. I wonder if they swoon, seeing the little details that they don't have back home. For example, these brick houses and cobblestone streets. Pretty much every street back home is asphalted and every houses have solid cement and paint, not rusticated like these. This is the neighbourhood where I live in, though it's not right in front of my house or anything, but definitely within walking distances. Note to self: go through here whenever I'm down.

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