Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dear Photograph,

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Sentimental value is the most important ingredient in Aesthetics. Have you ever looked at a place and wondered how many memories were made there, what kind of people have passed by or spent their childhood there? I certainly have. Old houses are so beautiful. But they're mostly beautiful thanks to all the memories made there, the passing ghosts of happenings back in the days. My grandmother's house, for example, is such a great, big house. But it is even greater because I know my parents' love bloomed there. Such a thing is sentimental value. That's what this blog Dear Photograph is all about: piecing together memories of the past with how the place looks now. Such a magical thing. Every photo renders me nostalgic, though I have never seen these people or places before. So search your house for an old photograph of yours or your family, search the location and snap a photo. I know I want to.

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