Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easter with 桜子: Düsseldorf Donnerstag

Hello, everyone! Happy way belated Easter! How was your Easter weekend? It feels like such a long time ago, doesn't it? It does to me. We've done a lot this past week and everything happens in a whirlwind. Something came up, though, and I had to go home sooner than I'd hoped. The fun started on the Maundy Thursday, when Sakurako missed the train we were supposed to board. The train departed without her, taking me away from Kassel at the same time. I ended up going to Mülheim to see Firu first. All three of us then met up in Düsseldorf, boarding the same train but it was too crowded to meet up in.

As we were starving when we arrived, we headed straight to Takumi Ramen. Fun fact: Saku-chan's boyfriend is also called Takumi and, much like the noodles in the restaurant, comes from Hokkaido. The waitresses talked to us in Japanese, German and English. It got my head spinning. Even Saku-chan was a lot confused, in which language she should be speaking. It felt like I was transported to Japan for a little bit. The noodles tasted awesome as well, even better than the ones in Bonn. It kind of reminds me of a small ramen place back home, Ramen 38, at least before it became a franchise and lost its authentic Japanese touch.

The whole reason we went to Düsseldorf was because Saku wanted to see the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition at K21 Ständehaus. Of course, it was always art with that girl. Haha. I wasn't going to go in when I knew how much it costed but somehow we all got in. Complimentary to the tickets, each person is allowed to bring home a catalogue of the exhibition. It was well worth it, although I can hardly understand Tillmans' works. We also checked out the art of the permanent exhibition and I have to say I love Juan Muñoz's Plaza - a set of sculpture of asian men, standing in a circle and smiling. Afterwards, we went to Kunstpalast Museum to check out another Picasso exhibition and some Japanese artworks. There were Japanese paintings, emblems, katana and mini sculptures. They were incredible and I kind of wished I could take them home. We were going to visit yet another Boesner store here and buy takoyaki in a Japanese supermarket. Due to the lack of time and bad timing, we didn't get to do those things. I went home kind of disappointed and exhausted but I'll be back here again. More on that later.

P.S: If you don't know much about Tillmans and would like to know more about his work, you can visit Artsy. If you sign up, you'll be the first to know if he (or any other artists you like) creates new pieces.

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