Friday, 19 April 2013

How Serendipitous!

"Be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise." - Shakespeare&co.

When we were kids, our parents kept telling us to stay away from strangers, to not open the doors to strangers, to not take candies from strangers. They mean well. As we grow older, though, they actually encourage us to do the exact opposite. Granted, they think we can distinguish between good people and bad people. It is quite understandable. Maybe it is to make up for all the goodbyes we said in the past and those we will say in the future. I actually like talking to total strangers. Who knows? For all you know, this stranger can be a stepping stone to a better future. I especially love strange grannies. Old people always have so much wisdom about them and, if you talk to them kindly, they might share some with you. I should know. It happened to me once before I even met Firu. It happened to me once again around a week ago in Frankfurt. Here is the story of how it happened.

Vintage blouse via Capricious Traveler // Flattery Gardenia Hair Bow // flea market skirt // Sox Galeri socks // Typo satchel // 

Primark belt + brogues

Last week, I went to Frankfurt am Main, on a mission to take someone to the airport. She was an acquaintance and wanted to go home to Indonesia for good. At the airport, we accidentally found a couple. The husband - an Indonesian man - also wanted to board the same plane to go to Jakarta. After everything was taken care of - stressful and nerve wracking as they were - and they both boarded the plane, the wife and I were left by ourselves. The wife was a German lady with the name of Juliane. We both don't live in Frankfurt and, as we still had plenty of time on our hands, we decided to take a look around the city. Somehow, we ended up hanging out together, walking all the way from the main train station to the old town. Juliane was already over 70 yet she walked very quickly and did not rest up a lot all day. Wow! I am impressed! We visited a lot of places - the old opera house, Goethe's birth house, Japan Centre and Eurotower - and were a little bit mischievous. She reminded me of my grandmother and mother so, of course, I was fond of her right away. At the end of the day, she gave me her email adress and I promised to write to her soon. She lives in Würzburg and I am so excited to come visit someday! Yaay!

This is, by far, my favourite outfit! I love the blouse very much. It is batik-like and has butterflies on it. To accompany this pattern, I put on my floral hair bow that I snatched from Breanne's shop. Finally! It was bought around the end of autumn - when my hair was also a lot shorter - so wearing it was definitely out of the question. I adore it so much! My hair is still pretty short so I tied it at both sides, meeting them at the back and clipped the bow there. The skirt is the one I hauled from Wuppertal flea market almost three weeks ago. It was about six sizes too big for me but I took it in myself and it fits me perfectly now. Now this, this is my kind of skirt. It reminds me of my school uniform skirt from middle school, except that that one was made out of fabric and this one is Plus, that one was navy and this one's lime-green, which is what I've been looking for. It has so much room and lovely structure. I am so smitten! The weather has been getting more and more pleasant lately that I don't need coats and scarves anymore. The sun also comes out to play even more frequently. Yippie! Spring, I thought you'd never come.


  1. I love this outfit, that blouse is gorgeous and the pattern bow is just the perfect touch to bring it all together. I love meeting random people, it seems to happen so much easier when you aren't in your home town though - weird. Just found your blog and so glad I did - love your style xo

    1. Thank you so much! ♥ you are so sweet! And you are so true about that. People tend to want to talk to you when they know you don't come from around here :)


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