Thursday, 14 March 2013

You Are Forever My Safety Net

When I was little, I used to wear the same thing over and over again because I just loved it so much. Usually it was a piece that I found highly comfortable or really pretty...or both. Mama would not have it. She would complain about this habit of mine and even had the housekeeper put the freshly ironed clothes under the old ones so that, knowing I would grab the top ones to wear first, I would not wear the same thing over and over again. But clothes are a tricky thing. Even through all that, I would still own a jacket that I would wear all the time. I wouldn't let it be washed unless it finally stank. Don't we all have that? Something to fall back on? Something, though we've outgrown, we couldn't muster the courage to throw it away because of all the memories it supposedly stores. Something we could just throw over our heads when we feel the least motivated to dress up. It's always nice, isn't it? To know you have a lifeline to hold on to.

H&M beanie + socks // unbranded blouse // New Yorker pullover // Primark cardigan // C&A pants // boots via froschgrün

There's also another reason to wear the same item over and over: just purchased. Like any other relationships, one between a wearer and a clothing item goes through stages. First of all, of course, is the honeymoon phase, where the item looks absolutely perfect and the wearer would be obsessed with it. Sure, there are people who buy something and, once they got home, they'd forget all about it. But not me, nuh uh. I would be jumping on my tiptoes, excited as hell to pair the item with everything else I own and see how it'd look. So please bear with me and the need to wear these pants over and over again a little longer as we are still in the first phase. By the way, I saw Marlen wearing a blouse plus sweater layered with a cardigan that I wanted to try what it would look like on me. It probably would have worked better with a less chunky cardi, though.

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