Friday, 22 June 2012

Baumraum: Sitting In A Tree

Back home, Discovery Channel is one of my favourite channels. It's amazing that it has many different branches, like Discovery Travel and Living and Discovery Home and Health. On the previous, there is this one show that I always used to love to watch: World's Greenest Homes. No one in my house liked watching it...or at least not as intensely as I did. But it was one heck of an inspiring -- and desirable -- show. On it, green homes were usually shown, both the exterior and the interior and how the whole thing works together -- like natural central heating/cooling and rainwater saving. One time they showed this tree house that someone, no, a family actually lived in. From then on, I had a dream of having a tree house as a home once I have my own family later. I was reminded by this dream whilst looking through the Architectural Beaty collumn on Lace & Tea. It was then that I discovered Baumraum.

When I stayed at my friend's in Kassel last month, he told me that there was this whole law in Germany that people must follow upon building a house. It was ridiculous! There are certain measurements to everything regarding the house, certain colours one is allowed to apply on the walls and roofs. It's just preposterous to me! I found it so hard to believe Rezy at the time and discovering Baumraum makes it even harder to believe him. Because there are many shapes and sizes to the houses they've built.

Baumraum actually doesn't just build treehouses but also homes, residential buildings. But the huge spotlight is on these adorable and to-die-for treehouses. Maybe they aren't exactly compatible for living but I would love for them to build me one of those and maybe it'll be one of those places my family would love to spend weekends or summers in. Oh, a little information about Baumraum: they're a german architecture group. You can find more infos on their website (as listed above). All these photos are courtesy of Enjoy your weekend, all! Cheerio!

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