Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Several weeks ago, I just came back from Kassel when I met Netta, a fellow Indonesian student at my college, at the station. She then asked me about my blog -- which apparently she's read, thank you. She then asked me about the pictures on my blog -- who took 'em? Which camera I used? -- and we ended up making a date after the finals. On the time that follows, I thought the finals will never end. When it finally did, we didn't set up a date. One day, the sun just shined ever so brightly and off we went to take photos. And here's the tale.

At first, we -- Netta, Atika and I -- were going to go to the Burg area and took pictures by the old buildings. That was Saturday but the weather didn't help. On Monday, the sun shined so beautifully and we were going to go take pictures and all but it didn't happen so I ended up wandering on my own. On Tuesday, it finally happened. But Atika didn't come, instead we had Rawan, Netta's classmate from Kuwait. Rawan and Netta, they are truly two beautiful girls with immaculate sense of style. We spent hours walking from one end of the park to another, wearing our soles out. My hat fell on the lake one time because the wind blew it off of Netta's head while she was wearing it. It then magically floated right back to us, thank God. We saw old people canoeing along the river. All in all, it was a pleasant time. I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for the wonderful time, ladies. For you fellow readers, have a blasting Tuesday! Cheerio!

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