Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunbathing at Burg Giebichenstein

Ever since my finals are over, I feel like I've had a little too much free time on my hands. I've been trying to channel it in different directions. I've been back with video gaming, exploring, DIY making, drawing, reading and everything else. Last week I skyped with my Dad and he gave me, like, a ton of superb ideas -- my inspiration, always. Afterwards, I've been spending my time playing Pokémon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS and surfing the blogosphere. I've created a new piece of clothing with a DIY which I will show you when it's done. It's a little bit of a project. Aside from that, I would love to stay updated with designing and traveling. I've been back with one of my favourite hobbies these past few days: getting lost by tram. Back in Karlsruhe, I loved taking the tram with no particular destinations and ride it until the terminal. But ever since I moved to Halle, I haven't done that once. Not once. Except when I get seriously lost. I'm trying to revive that habit and get lost on a tram. So I took the no. 8 tram and rode it from one end to another. I saw some beautiful sites, including Burg Giebichenstein

I love looking at old couples on dates ♥
Which means: "Life is one big canvas, paint it as colourful as you can. -Danny, Koye."
On Monday I was originally going to spend the day having photoshoots with Netta and Atika since the weather was one of those rare ones where the sun shines brightly but the wind still blows gently. However, that plan got cancelled as quickly as it got arranged -- which took less than five minutes. So I decided to go with the plan I made with myself on Saturday -- since the weather was horrid on Saturday -- and went on a date with my beloved Canon PowerShot. The original reason I moved to Halle was because I wanted to get into Burg Giebichenstein Art University. As time goes by, my interest in the school dissipates but my interest in the namesake grows. So today I decided to visit it...well, more or less. I visited the park located just around the Burg. I think it's beautiful. It spreads along the line that is the Saale River and so green, enveloping the castle

Hat // thrifted; T-shirt // S.Oliver; Pants // C&A; Belt // Primark; Bag // gift; Watch // gift; Shoes // Kaufland
Here's how dates with my camera goes: we go round and round all over the place, picking directions I've never been before until my stomach growls or roars and I have to find something to eat. So this is what I did on Monday. In the process, I snapped some outfit photos. If you haven't realised, I am obsessed with this hat and these sandals. The pants are also rather pleasant for me. It's so lively! AND it has zippers! Sitting by the river is so comfortable. I lie there for a few minutes and I was ready to doze off. It's even more comfortable than my own bed. There were cloverfields and daisies. Oh, cloverfields. One of my little hobbies when I was little was to find a four-leaved clover in a cloverfield. However, I have yet to accomplish that mission.

Last autumn, one day a bomb was found in the city centre of Halle. It wasn't a small modern bomb. It was a huge bomb from the second World War. It was located near a hospital so everyone freaked out. Everyone was to be evacuated and tram lines were rerouted. That was the longest tram ride I have ever had in my life. I got stuck in traffic for over an hour what normally takes less than 30 minutes. But the tram took the route that I'd never passed by before. And I found out many things, including this side of the town. There were ferry boats and this house -- or I hope a restaurant -- whose quarter's located over the river. In summer it's so refreshing to see this place under the sunlight. There were people lying on the grass. There were people riding on a canoe. It was soothing, in a way. Living in Jakarta, there aren't many rivers you can sit by. Such a sad, sad truth. Enjoy your midweek! Cheerio!

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