Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Foreign Native

There are certain privileges you receive once you start living abroad, one of them being the ability to survey local cultures and embrace them as you see fit. Being an outsider to a new place gives you the right to choose the part of said society you want to adapt and avoid. Personally, I think it almost doesn't matter where I live abroad, I'm most likely to try on their traditional attires - unless it only consists of banana leaves covering your nether regions. This is the story of how I came to try on and own two traditional clothes from other countries, none of which costs me a thing.

Name of attire: Dirndl

Since I first laid eyes on this ensemble at Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival) three years ago, I was quickly smitten by its adorable structure. I think this attire has the magic to turn every girl into pretty ladies. Firu bought me this one last year. It was a most wondrous surprise! The most appropriate time to wear it is obviously during Oktoberfest, where you would witness girls with big jugs offering pitchers of beer to already drunken men. Admittedly, this attire is better suited for bustier ladies since it's rather revealing on the chest area. But the skirt is suitable for everyone and I personally love how full and wide it is and the corset area isn't too tight either but enough to flatter our figures. This attire was definitely made for traditional German women, specifically Bavarian ladies.

Name of attire: Yukata

If you've been following this little ol' blog long enough, you should know that I'm a huge fan of Japan. I'm so in love with its culture, food, language and etiquettes. They're all just so absolutely fascinating. So when my friend Maya, who lives in Japan for her studies, offered to buy me a yukata, I was jumping up and down with joy! Sadly, since I didn't have the proper occasion to wear it to, it's just been hanging out, collecting dust. But last weekend was Japantag, so I asked my friend Saku-chan to teach me how to wear a proper yukata. This I put on myself. It's rather sloppy but it's as good as it got. I also helped Firu put on his. Too bad, the sleeves are too short. Never thought I could take pictures with my beloved, both of us wearing yukata. Is that the dream or what?

That was it. Thank you so much to my friends who helped me get my hands on the yukata and wear it properly. Thanks to Firu for getting me the dirndl. Wish I could get you the Lederhosen sometime soon. Also, for taking these pictures of me wearing them. Now I'll send you off with one more couply yukata photo. Enjoy!

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