Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dancing in the Wind

 What the Water Gave Me - Florence and the Machine 

Indonesia has been cooling off a lot lately. It's torrential rain after another everyday out here. I was so excited about seeing this much water pouring down from the sky the other day that I literally posted a photo of being stuck in the rain on instagram. It's been years since I've been out and about in such a chilling rain, it seems, that it just feels completely like home. Well, actually, I am home...but you get the idea. There's just something absolutely different about rain in Europe and in the tropics. For one, rain in Europe always comes with that chilly temperature that makes you go reaching for a cozy jacket, whereas rain in Indonesia doesn't make you rub your shoulders to keep warm. It's just tons of water, some wind and - sometimes - a bit of thunder. For another, when it's cloudy in Europe, it's usually cloudy for a week or month on end and you just feel life getting sucked out of you. There're no greeneries, just miles of bald trees and gloomy people. But, out here, the clouds don't kill your soul. There's a ray of hope in all the frogs and healthy plants. Even kids from the tropics love to play in the rain - or flood, when it comes to that - although they will probably get sick later. Maybe it's just a tropics thing but I love rain out here ♥

Motel shirt dress via WishWishWish // thrifted skirt + penny loafers // Kaboki crochet purse (Sis's) // pictures by Akita

Take a good look at this hair, because the next time you see me, it will be completely changed. On another note, I wonder if you guys realise that I've gained some weight. I just realised that myself when my sister took these photos. Well, the doctors tell me not to go on a diet right now because I really need all the energy I could get to fight off the disease. In case you missed it, please do read the article on TBC that I posted the other day. Anyway, when we were taking these photos, my sister and I went crazy over the fact that our torsos disappeared in the reflection in the mirror. It makes me look like a midget with incredibly long legs. Hah! My sister looks as if her body is made up only of head which goes straight to her thigh then legs. We just realised that while my torso stretches way down, hers is barely distinguishable. Firu is also the same, actually. His torso is so short I swear he has no stomach. I know, useless information, just thought I'd put that out there. What about you? Do you know what your body type is?

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