Monday, 3 November 2014

Inktober Indonesia 2014

Last month the interweb was bombarded by thousands of ink artworks with the hashtag #inktober, be it on facebook or instagram - or even in more places that I don't know. There are those who start from Day 1 of October all the way until Halloween, and there are those who don't really stick with the date, including - ahem - me. To most, this is probably just a nice excuse to practice but a bunch of Indonesian illustrators actually worked together to create an exhibition of their works throughout the month at Glitch Imaginarium last Saturday. I was so excited to visit because Azisa Noor, whose inktober I've been following without fail for a month, also had her works displayed proudly. How dumbfounded was I when I found tons more incredible works by other illustrators! The fact that they were all done in ink is something else to wow me. Ink is a difficult medium to work with, if you ask me, and these people did amazingly well portraying their imaginations with such a medium. Impressive! Needless to say, I found lots more inspiring artists to admire and - if they will - to be interviewed sometime. Definitely looking forward to their collective art book, coming soon ♥

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