Thursday, 27 November 2014

Best Friends Make the World Go Round

This is a very different kind of post from anything I've ever done before. Or...maybe not too different? It seems like vintage me, though, if you read my oldest posts. This is just another post from the heart appreciating the people I have in my life. It might not be of any interest to irrelevant parties so feel free to just skip it. As you should know from the previous post, I finally had a chance to hang out with my best friends, except for Cindy who was so busy with her assignments she didn't have time to go to Pasar Seni. However, we all got to meet to cram the next day. Well, they were all hunched over their laptops, doing their assignments while I just browsed the interweb. It was like the good old days again and I was completely torn to say goodbye to them and depart home. But, no worries, we will see each other again next week at Uli's brother's wedding! We cannot wait!

This year marks the 10 years of our friendship. Yes, we've been friends for over ten years and we're still going strong. The other day, on my way back to Jakarta, I was reflecting on all the things we've been through. They've been by my side through all the good and bad parts of my life, we've been through drama and comedy together and we've created our own little world throughout the years. Sasya, Uli's friend from last weekend, was impressed to know that we've been friends since junior high because her junior high friends have scattered godknowswhere. I'm very proud to still be friends with them and I know nobody in the whole world could make me feel like when I'm with them. What makes me proudest is how when I was in elementary school my so-called 'best friends' said we would still be friends and we ended up growing apart while, when we graduated from junior high, we made no such promises and 7 years on we're still here. It's not to say that we didn't grow apart. Tons of different things have happened since then: Gina went to a different high school, Cindy became famous in the online art community, I moved to Germany for university, Gina and I acquired boyfriends, Uli went to homestay in Japan - Cindy and Gina visited - and many more unimaginable.

Amongst the many, many friends we all acquired in the past ten years, I believe nobody could ever replace what we have here. History does play a huge role in our friendship but so does everything else we manage to develop throughout our time together. I have to admit sometimes I feel a bit out of sorts because of the distance or the difference in interest. However, when I remember who I'm with, I feel like I can just fall back into whoever I really am. Time just stops when I'm with them. It's both as if I never really grew up and also like we've all shaped each other in the best way. If my life still consists of them, I think my life is still pretty awesome.

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