Sunday, 9 November 2014

When You See the Silver Lining

As I've mentioned in my previous post, instead of going to Jakarta Fashion Week, the hospital is where I went. Don't worry, it wasn't an accident or such things. In fact, it has so much to do with the disease I've mentioned before. Maybe many people don't like going to the hospital and getting a surgery. I, on the other hand, was super excited to spend my first - and, hopefully, only - night at the hospital. It was also my first surgery! But a surgery is indeed something that I wish never to have to go through again after I checked it off my list. To be honest, the surgery itself went by like magic. One minute I closed my eyes, the next it was done. However, nobody ever mentions anything about post-op discomforts. And my surgery was a pretty minor one too! Imagine what kind of pain and nausea someone with a major surgery has to go through. When something like this happens to you - no matter how small - you start to realise how little everything else matters, aside from your and your loved ones' well-being. In the light of things, I will be sharing some information about tuberculosis in my next post. Most people are misinformed about this, which could be quite fatal. So don't ever hesitate to get yourself educated!

Fashion to Any blouse // thrifted skirt // Celine purse (Sis's) // Primark socks // Fioni brogues via Payless // Pictures by Akita

Umm...have I mentioned that all my clothes have arrived already? Now I can wear everything that I own - not at the same time, mind you. Including this lovely blouse that I got from a giveaway last year. Let me tell you, putting it on with this surgery wound on my neck wasn't easy. My sister helped, of course. At long last, I finally made it to JFW...except that I didn't go there, just to the place which happens to be its location. Instead, I spied the JFW from way up here. Hah! We didn't stay long, though, mostly because we didn't care too much about it. A taboo to say as a fashion blogger, I guess? But, really, when you're in a hospital even for just one night, you hear things about other people, experience things like never before that make you grateful for what you have and wake you up to realise what really matters. Okay, sure, art matters too. But fashion has its way to proclaim God and put everyone else at risk. You know what I mean. Let's start thinking about that!

P.S: I know, I'm getting tanned. It will all be clear in my next post

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