Saturday, 1 November 2014

To Hell and Back

Morning, everybody! How was your Halloween? Did you have a blast? Well, I hope you did because mine was superb! My sister and I decided to go to Jakarta Halloween Festival in the end. It was kind of nice. This week has seemed to be filled with Halloween-themed stuff, including all the spooks. I really love the blogosphere and hate the TV this time of year. I'm always looking forward to Selective Potential's spookfest and The Cherry Blossom Girl's costume collaborations. Indeed, such a treat. But the TV always shows horror movie commercials this month, and even more so the closer we get to Halloween. It's not like I need sleep every night. Now you know, I'm a scaredy cat who loves Halloween. Hey, what can I say? Mystical creatures, orange and blood? Count me in! This year I'm trying to be more prepared to handle all the scare and have been reading this book 2-3 days prior to Halloween, The Virago Book of Ghost Stories. It's a collection of old ghost stories, written by world-renowned classic writers. It was actually purchased around 5 years ago but I never dared read even one full story of it. Now that I have, it's not as scary as I thought...though it does send chills down my spine.

Esprit dress // Sis's belt // Hand-me-down tights // Zara shoes (Sis's) // Gelugu Accessories necklace // photos + make up by Akita

Of all the times I had celebrated Halloween, I'd never put on an actual costume before - you know, the kind you have to buy. Until now. To be fair, this wasn't something I recently bought either. This was actually my sister's costume 5 years ago on my sweet 17th birthday party. Yes, one of the perks of being born in October is the privilege to celebrate your birthday on Halloween. I was going to buy a costume but my Stepmom made the point of using what we already have. So I did. My sister was kind enough to lend me a hand on the whole make up front - because, as you probably would've guessed, I'm a total noob in that field. Doesn't the make up look quite fitting to the whole costume? I was going for the whole Fallen Angel look, hence the damsel in distress mimics. Originally, I planned to have the photoshoot during sundown but all the fuss pressurised me to do it during the day, when I had time. It gives a whole different effect to the scenario, though - and I like it!

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Uh huh, the Brilias are ready for Halloween!

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