Saturday, 29 November 2014

Neither Sun nor Rain

Happy Saturday, everyone! This outfit post is a special one because it's the first one accompanied by a video. If you've been reading this blog a few months, you might know that I now have a (non-active) YouTube channel. Thought it's about time I reactivate it and upload a lot more often. The initial reason is because I have nothing to do at home all day - aside from frequent hospital visits - and I'm very much influenced by a lot of YouTubers lately. Also, the other day my dad was just introduced to the YouTube culture and he thought it was a good idea if I make vlogs and stuff (and earn tons of money). So let me know if you're interested to see me in video form and what kind of videos you would like to see. The video below was actually my comeback after six months of absence. I was confused of how I could just casually waltz back into YouTube and then remembered someone requested an OOTD video, so there you go. Please don't hesitate to give me your feedback in the comments below.

Cotton On shirt + Stanton hat (Sis's) // vintage skirt + penny loafers // Mario purse // photos by Akita

Since I've come back to Indonesia, I've been checking out a lot more Indonesian fashion blogs. What I've noticed from all these blogs is how hugely influenced they are by the occidental culture, most specifically the northern hemisphere. I don't only mean the style - which is a no-brainer - but also the seasons. As you know, it is currently autumn on the side of the world, and plenty of Indonesian blogs seem to follow suit, creating autumnal outfits or saying it's fall where they are - even when they're living here in the tropics. I feel like these people don't appreciate the beauty and perks we have of living in a country of two seasons: Dry and Rain. In case you don't know, it is currently rain season here in Indonesia. It would be quite sunny and nice in the morning but, come noon, it's a downpour. I want to break away from all that and appreciate the season that we do have. So, yes, this isn't an autumn look, it's a rain season look.

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