Friday, 3 May 2013

Twelve Girls in Two Straight Lines

Primark top // Marks & Spencer sweater (gifted) // flea market skirt + hat + bike // thrifted backpack // 11 eureka tights // boots via Kleider Kreisel // photos of me by Rezy

TA~DA! Look at this beautiful thing! So yeah, after the last time I talked about bikes, I went bike hunting. I found some varieties that I really liked but finally found one that I could afford. This was bought off a flea market last week and I'm so happy about it. The lights don't work, though. I didn't want to show it off until I've got it the way I want it - that includes a basket and a lock - but I just got too excited and thought, "To hell with it!" I just can't wait to get it all prepped up so that I can finally get to places with it. Now I still need to catch buses and trams to go places. For those of you who know my friend Rezy and haven't seen him in a while, look how skinny he's become! He's lost weight since he bought a bike at the beginning of the school year. He used it to get to campus and everywhere else, thus working up his leg muscles. That is one of the many reasons why I wanted to buy a bike. There is this nagging fear of my bike getting stolen, though, since, apparently, that happens often around here. In fact, my friend Rezy just got his bike stolen around a month ago. But I'm definitely still in that honeymoon phase with my bike - which, I don't know why, I will call Nadia.

I gotta say that I received some looks of approval all the while I was wearing this hat. I bought it at the same flea market as where I bought the bike. The lady who sold it to me even thought I looked cute with it and even asked her husband about it. Thank you! Before the bike came into play, this outfit reminds me of Madeline. The bowler hat, in particular, reminded my sister of her too. Combined with a cute peter pan collar, well, it's just a spitting image of that adorable petite french school girl. Speaking of french things, I'm taking a french class this semester. I've just had two sessions, so so far the most impressive thing I can do is count to 20 and backwards. On a side note, my hair is at that stage where it looks impressively awesome when I'm just around the house, doing nothing, but then looks completely horrid in front of camera/people. So please excuse its table manners!

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