Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Story-Tellers

I rarely ever share my drawing or artwork or whatever you want to call it here. I'm quite stumped on what to share today - and I should probably just leave this spot alone instead of posting craps - but I want to just share a little something. A different side of me you barely ever see. You see, I like to draw. Ever since Godknowswhen, I can't put a pencil down. Maybe it's good, maybe it's crap. All I know is, I love it. So there. That's why I want need to share what I've made here once in a while.

Tools: copic markers, stabilo markers, drawing pen

On Thursday, I went to the Grimm-Brothers Museum for a class. It was very inspiring! In fact, I'm taking Firu and my friends there today. Yaay! The Grimm fairy tales - along with Andersen's - have coloured my childhood and kept inspiring me to this day. They are just classics and you can never beat that. This is actually a poster of some sort that I created more than a year ago, inspired by their characters. It's now hanging over my desk. If you want to see some more of my works, check out my deviantART gallery. Thanks for sparing some time to look at my work.

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