Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Aftermath of a Good Time (First)

Introducing once again: Iva, Wilson and, of course, Firu

Since last Sunday and Monday were Pentecost, my good friends Iva and Wilson came to visit me in Kassel. Yaay! Firu also came along because they're his good friends too. Iva kept saying that she was going to visit my town after I moved out of Karlsruhe - which is where we all once lived in - but she never actually came to visit me. I started to think that she was all talk. But, finally! She came last weekend! Yaay! We also asked Wilson to come with but didn't know that he was coming until around 3-4 days before they were supposed to be here. Though they were here for 4 days, they only had 2 days to actually go around town, seeing the landmarks that matter. This forced me to realise that Kassel doesn't have that much to offer. For a town to live in, though, I believe it's rather beautiful. I wish they could see that.

N.y.L.a. top // C&A cardigan // Only skirt // MyHudson tights // gifted bag // AKO jacket // Deichmann shoes // Photos of me by Firu

They both arrived in the afternoon, pushing to the evening, so we just ate dinner at my favourite kebab place and went back to my place to play cards until the wee hours. Just like old times. The next day, we went to the Wilhelmshöhe Bergpark to check out three major landmarks in Kassel, the Wilhelmshöhe Castle, the Hercules and Löwenburg. We climbed all the way to the top. I just now I've gotten in a much better shape because I didn't pant as much as we walked all the way up there. Wilson has asthma so we rested up a lot on the way. Also, we saw the first Waterworks display of the year - okay, it's not exactly the FIRST one but it was mine. People were gathering and we waited on the grass, under the cool and warm sun. I was so happy to see Iva and Wilson again! There's clearly nothing better than to spend a whole weekend filled with laughter and inside jokes. We went home that day and cooked meatballs for dinner. Firu even made kue lapis beras. He became quite a wizard with this dish.

P.S: My top is actually reversed and I took off the tights before we even hit Löwenburg, it became so hot then.

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