Friday, 31 May 2013

Mix It Up A Notch: Hearty Peter Pan Dress

Yet another peter pan collared piece that I purchased off Primark. Since I got so much into peter pan collars, this store sold more of such collars than everywhere else I looked. The time I bought this item was when I was going to go back to Indonesia and thought of getting my sister a cute clothing item. Though I'm a little disheartened by the fact that its collar wasn't an actual collar - there's no back to the collar and it's sewed onto the dress tight. It's actually a two-layer dress but I cut off the insides and made it a tank top instead. I adore the elastic waistband, which just sits comfortably on my stomach. I love its autumnal colour and the heart prints. So adorable! Around a month after I bought it, I saw it at one of the store's display window. I feel like I just snatched one gem of a clothing item. And it also feels like one. Can't wait to style it some more.

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