Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Aftermath of a Good Time (Last)

Houndstooth dress via Someone Like You // flea market skirt // Marks & Spencer coat // Shakespeare & co. tote // Converse sneakers

The next day we went to the Grimm Brothers Museum. I've been there for a class before and thought it magical so I told Iva about it. She got so psyched about it. We first got disheartened when we checked that the museum was usually closed on Mondays. We went there to check it out, though, and turns out it wasn't closed. So we went inside. Despite the unfriendlyness of the workers, we enjoyed the exhibition quite well. Aside from that, we strolled around the park and paid my campus a little visit. Iva had a craving for sushi so we had dinner at an asian buffet. It has a wide selection of food, starting from sushi, chinese food, teppanyaki grilled seafood to dessert. They had kangaroo meat so I just HAD to try it out. Iva and I loved it but the guys didn't agree. The seafood was also really tasty and I was in love with the baby squid - I know, cruel but still undeniably tasty.

Okay, I got to tell you: I don't have many girl friends. So when one comes along who I can just practically get along with and our personalities are compatible with one another, it's hard to let go. This is rare, though. Iva is one of those girls. I love how so one with her femininity she is yet she is a hardcore gamer. Girls who don't think too much about their appearance and hang out with guys easily. She's girlier than I, though she's not so much into fashion - then again, neither am I.  The first time we bonded was actually over make ups. She was Firu's classmate in Studienkolleg (or college?) and we just somehow sort of hang out. It was probably awesome too, to have a girlfriend in a group full of boys. At first I was just her friend's girlfriend but now we're even closer than she and Daus ever were. Why are girls like her hard to find? My best friends are pretty much like that but aside from them, I'd never found one until Iva. After they all went home, the inside jokes and laughter still rang in my room. We're going to see each other again in June. So can't wait!

P.S: I'm going for a monochromatic look with this outfit.

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