Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer + Shaving

Men might look at the title and not see the connection but women will look at the title and groan in comprehension. Why is this? What does the title really mean? Well, apparently, summer is that time of year when you can show as much skin as you want without risking frostbite. It's probably even a necessity. And with showing the skin something will also be shown with it, namely hair. Not only the hair on heads but also our body hair, including, mainly, the hair on our armpits (when wearing sleeveless clothes, which will probably happen often) and the hair on our legs. Something in our heads quickly scold us to shave. This only happens to women, generally, and not to men, mostly. Then why? Why must we shave when the other half of mankind doesn't feel the same?

Raise your hand if you're a woman and you don't particularly enjoy shaving/waxing. Yeah, I raised my hand then too. Actually, there's a different option: using depilation cream. Either way, none of these methods are particularly enjoyable to do. Most women would complain when they have to shave or wax. Waxing hurts - trust me, I tried - and shaving isn't less safe. If you do it wrong or lose concentration, you can actually bleed from these methods. Then why? Why do we do these things which hurt us? Is it in any way beneficial for us when we shave our legs? Medically, I don't think the lack of hair will help us in our lives at all - except if you're a swimming athlete. In fact, according to experience, shaving your armpits produces more sweat and, therefore, BO. Truth is, the amount of sweat is probably the same but, without your armpit hair to absorb it, it will just stay in your pits and create BO. (This probably isn't a valid fact, feel free to re-check this statement)

Then why? Why do women do this? If there wasn't a medical benefit to it, there's only one reason why women do it: appearance. It's not that we are so shallow that we will put ourselves through all this torture for mere looks. If you're a woman, you know what I'm talking about. We somehow end up living in a society where women are expected to be hairless, which is ridiculous. Women with hair are seen as sloppy and revolting. Again, ridiculous. Women are born with hair, not only on their heads and brows, and there must be a reason why they are born that way. Since when was it that this ideal comes to life anyway? Was there a time in history when all women suddenly lose hair for a long period of time that men aren't used to hairy women anymore?

Do you remember in old cartoons, when a woman turns out to be a man, it mostly is shown through their hairy legs? Looking back, why is that? How come hair on your legs identify you as a man? News flash: women have hairs on their legs too! We do! Not just that, we have them on our armpits, arms and some other parts men aren't allowed to see unless they earn it. In some cases, there are some hairs on the chest or belly too. I'm some cases. If you're shuddering at the thought right now, you should get used to it. Because, whether you like it or not, it's the truth. Why must women be judged by the hairs that they have? They are born with them and they are not, in any medical sense, obliged to get rid of them. 

I myself have never had any traumatic experience regarding people's rejection toward my body hair. But it's happened to some girls, which appalls me. The worst I ever got was shamed by my female classmates in high school for having a bush of armpit hairs. That's practically when I started shaving. Because, as much as I want to say I wasn't bothered by it, I clearly was. Back then I truly believed I was the only girl who had armpit hairs. Surely, none of these girls had any. Well, believe me, that's not true. Girls, if you ever feel like this, do not worry! Everyone has body hair, be it boys or girls. You're not the only one. Do not let anyone make you feel like body hair is abnormal, that it's something to be ashamed of. It's not! Body hair is natural and it has functions, minuscule as they may seem. Never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

In regards of body hair, I have a massive amount of it. My legs are extra hairy and my armpits are  covered in bushes. There were times in my life when I had been made to believe that these facts where shameful facts and I needed to change them. But now I know that is so far from the truth. The people who care, the people who matter, they won't care about my hairs - unless they indicated some sort of medical hazard. That is not to say that I never shave. Well, technically, I don't shave, I use depilation cream but still. I do it from time to time, maybe 2-3 times a year. But I only do it when I want to do it, for myself, not forced by anyone else. And, no amount of stares or whispered criticism will ever get me to shave frequently. I am indeed proud of my body hair, weird as it may sound, especially the one on my legs. And my loved ones don't give 2 seconds about them. That is the way it should be.

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