Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Old Curiosity Shop

Last week I had the opportunity to stay at Firu's. He had a week off thanks to Pentecost and we went to Brussels, as per my previous post. Okay, we were lucky to avoid the huge storm but it wasn't like we didn't have to deal with the aftermath. We dealt with it, greatly. Everyone ran amok. The train schedule went AWOL for around a week. They supplied everyone with emergency buses as well as trains, which were packed with people trying to get by. Nobody could guarantee the arrival of any transportations, not even the worker. It was rather strange - and almost surreal - to see Germany in chaos in the lack of order. How very un-Germany-like. I guess, in the face of disaster, we don't have much control over anything. Even the most orderly of nation can be brought down to earth by the will of The Almighty, reminding them that some things are just not in their power to maintain. 

H&M shirt via M├Ądchenflohmarkt // thrifted skirt // Studio Nine loafers // photos by Firu

As gross as it sounds, I wore this ensemble for 5 days straight, as you can probably witness from my Brussels post. What can I say? It's a great ensemble and I wasn't particularly going anywhere anyway. I want to say this is my lazy Sunday outfit. It's not all that true, though. But it is one when I'm staying at Firu's. Don't be fooled, I just stay in bed all day, either reading a book, surfing the net or playing the latest game Firu's downloaded. Excuse the wrinkles, I rolled around all day in this. The top is actually very sheer but I layered it over a nude tank top - which Iva thought was my actual skin, that I was naked. But I wasn't, I promise. Truth is, I'm actually weirdly self-conscious about wearing sleeveless clothes. They show my ever so flabby upper arms as well as my unshaved pits - maybe this isn't something a fashion blogger should be saying? - but sometimes I just thought, "Fuck it" and wear one. Other people's expectations should never stop you from being who you are.

P.S: I apologize to have misled you with the title and written something else entirely

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