Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ghosts of Summer Past 2014

As much as it pains me to say - or, in this case, write -. this is the last seasonal outfit-roundup post I will ever write. Well, never say never but I don't see myself moving to another four-seasoned country in the near future. So, this will be the last of such posts for a while. How fitting to have summer as the parting season I get from this country, seeing as I will live in a country of eternal summers. Well, not quite but if you're a tropical citizen, you will know what I mean. Saying goodbye to all the other seasons got me somewhat emotional. To be honest, I really hate the colder seasons because of all the wind and lack of sun. However, I love the sensations of wearing coats and dressing according to the seasons. And the golden leaves and snow. As much as I prefer to live in a temperature that I'm comfortable in, it's hard not to miss the things you will no longer have.

Stakeout Fake Out                                          Sister's Sister: Zangrandi Ice Cream            
An Indonesian Original                                                    'Ello Governor!                        
Experience Is the Best Teacher But Books Also Help                         All Wrapped Up in You                  
Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! 

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