Saturday, 24 January 2015

#DRAWOUTSIDE: Ayodia Park Barito

Recently, I've been trying to get more and more inspired and draw more. In fact, for the majority of the month, all I want to do is stay home, station myself at my desk and draaaaw. So when I watched this video of Frannerd, where she went outside, drew whatever inspired her there and challenged us to do the same, I thought it was such a great idea. If I were being honest, I'd never done this before. I mean, sure, I've gone to coffee shops and drawn before but never anything that actually inspired me there, just stuff that I'd been meaning to draw anyway. This, I feel, is such an refreshing suggestion. In this day and age, people just tend to stay indoors and be boxed up by the same old idea that they have. Maybe this way you would appreciate the outside as much as you should and let yourself be inspired by the unfamiliar.

What inspires me the most, I think, is human interaction. So I decided to go to the park. Mostly, because I had never spent time there. In a metropolitan city, especially Jakarta, parks don't seem to get as hyped up as they should be. This one in particular was built around 7 years ago. It started out rather bald and scorching but now it's more laden with trees and breezy. When I went there, it was kind of early so there weren't many people around - which was both good and bad. When I took these photos, filmed the video, sketched while jamming to the tune in my ears and then had an outfit photoshoot, everyone downright stared at me. Uh huh, the perks of drawing outside, I'd say. What I noticed the most is, despite the park being bare of people, there were plenty of couples - even though it was clearly the morning on a weekday...

How did you like the video? Everyone I filmed seemed to be quite self-conscious and noticed right away that my camera was aimed at them. Maybe they were all having affairs... Well, just a thought. Anyway, you guys should do it too. You don't have to film the process or the place like Fran and I did but you can just draw outside, maybe take a picture of your sketch or of the process and tag us on your social media with the hashtag #drawoutside! It would be so much fun, trust me! Maybe, you know, make a day of it: ask your friends to come along and draw in a group. You can compare sketches and share inspirations. That would be quite a picnic! Here are my final sketches:

Please leave a link to your #drawoutside moment down below, if you join in on the fun too!

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