Sunday, 4 January 2015

Guest Post: Daria of Kittenhood

Hi everyone, I'm Daria from Kittenhood, and I'm happy to be helping Bivi with a guest post today. My blog covers fashion, DIY, and cats, in no particular order. Today's post is a little remix of one of my favorite dresses ever. I bought this H&M dress for my sister’s wedding in 2011, and have worn it so many times since! It’s a great dress for a festive occasion - the lightweight fabric makes you feel like you’re walking on air, the asymmetrical strap is flattering, and the color goes with everything. And while I’ve worn it as is a couple of times, I’ve mostly layered it. It looks so good layered! Here are some of the ways I styled it:

One spring, I wore it with a skull t-shirt on top (which is really old and from the kids’ section), hot pink tights, peep toe heels and my yellow trench coat. Pictured to the right is the wedding outfit, complete with navy kitten heels and a matching brooch. I like keeping it simple.

For fall, the dress looks great with a wool sweater on top! Any color tights will go, but I chose purple, and went with all brown accessories otherwise. For even colder days, I’ve layered it with both a shirt and a belted sweater, matching tights and a pair of ankle boots. Good enough for snow!

Thanks for reading!

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