Monday, 26 January 2015

Comifuro 5: Fangirls All Around

Ever since I came back from Germany, I never really attended any Japanese-esque/illustrious events...until last Saturday, when I went to Comic Frontier 5! Although at first I thought the event was Japanese central, it was actually more of an illustrious event but it's still quite laden with fanart and the like. This year my best friend Cindy was also one of the exhibitors. She sold her fanzine of the series Ace of Diamond. Despite my non-involvement in the fandom, I bought one anyway. Because, if her artwork alone isn't a reason, I don't know what is. I spent the day roaming around and visiting booths with Uli and Enggar, finding familiar faces among the crowd now and then - including some friends of my sister. The highlight of the day is definitely when I met Gracia, who turned out to be one of my reader/instagram follower. It's the first time I meet a reader beside my IRL friends! She seemed super excited to see me and asked to have a photo of us taken. I really adore her art style and she's such a sweet girl. I advise you to check her works out. Another highlight is when I meet one of my idols, Azisa Noor! She was also super sweet and I definitely fangirl'd all over her! Her works are heavenly. You should also check her out! It was overall quite nice to meet so many amazing talents and check out so many incredible artworks. You can see my loots here.

Asos dress (Sis's) // Strauss totebag // Gelugu Accessories necklace // Golddigga boots via Sportsdirect // H&M tights // photos of me by Enggar

When I was sorting out my closet and downsizing my wardrobe, I knew I didn't want to let go of these boots. First of all, they're so one-of-a-kind and Harajuku-esque. I love the built very much and I know they would cost a lot more than they did if I bought a new one. Before I knew I was going to Comic Frontier (Comifuro), I already knew I was going to include this pair in my next outfit post. But with the event, it was like perfect timing. It so fits the theme of the day. Enggar was definitely swooning over these boots. I was too, to be honest! Also, if you've watched this video of mine, you probably knew that this tote bag was actually a gift I bought for my sister. I absolutely adore the saying and it's so true for me! Plus, it's really cute and comic-like. Aside from the hat and the tote, and replace the boots and the tights with different pairs, this was the outfit I wore to see Firu off to the airport with his parents. I know, it was a long time ago - almost 4 months! - but I hadn't managed to immortalise the outfit until now.

P.S: Today's the blog's 3rd anniversary! Thank you all for staying with me thus far and hope you'll stick around for more ;)

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