Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chasing Murals

 Le Quartier

When I found out that Darbotz, my favourite local street artist, has one of his works on display in a restaurant, I decided I would go see it. It didn't even occur to me what kind of restaurant it was or how expensive the food and drinks would be, despite the location of the restaurant being one of the most prestigious locations in Jakarta. What can I say? I've been an avid follower of Darbotz's street art. I love spotting his works all over town! They always bring me so much joy when I'm stuck in traffic. But, since they're usually displayed on the side of the streets, I find it almost impossible to capture them on films, so to speak. Also, they usually don't stay up for very long before some other street artists come in to take over the wall. So I was overjoyed to find a (what I hope to be) permanent location to one of his works. I find Darbotz's mascot, the Cumi to be very unique and significant. It's very simple that he can turn it into whatever he wants and tweak it a bit, without losing its signature touches. I love the patterns on its "arms" (or legs?), which makes me want to give the Cumi a hug.

H&M top + socks // thrifted skirt // Céline purse // MKS ankle boots via The Goods Dept. // photos by Enggar // mural by Darbotz

As I was taking a week-or-so off from the blog around New Year's, I wore a couple outfits that I thought of putting on the blog. So, being a crazy blogger-lady, I re-wore this outfit the other day. Obviously, I deliberately matched my outfits to the mural. Well, at least Darbotz's character. Since the restaurant is so different from my neck of the woods, I asked my friend Enggar to come with me. She was super sweet and we had a ton of fun! Thank you so much, Enggar ;) Also, I drew the illustration prior to the photoshoot so it has no correlation to the mural, instead it actually matches the top, which is rabbit-patterned. From here on out, please expect at least 2 more illustrations to accompany my outfit posts. And oh! I know I've been wearing only these shoes lately. That will also be the case in at least two more of my outfits.

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