Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday (Almost-All) Blues

Okay, you caught me: I'm jealous with all the snow some other parts of the world are getting. Winter always brings sunless skies, shorter days, colder weather and numb fingers. All the snow makes up for it, though. Too bad there isn't any right now. Anyway, sorry for the shortage of photos. My fingers were starting to lose their senses so I had to hurry it up. Plus, it might not be evident here but the wind was blowing rather wildly and froze my teeth. The other day, I went to an outfit swap party held by the student council. Yes, student council! Do I go to the best university or what? It was insane! More people than I expected came and there were some really cool items. The night before an exam too. Ha! Tomorrow's the last presentation I have for the semester. After that, I am free to do whatever I want. I cannot believe this weekend I will be seeing Firu already. So excited! I hope it snows by Saturday.

Primark coat // dress from Hong Kong (gifted) // Esprit skirt // H&M tights // Pieces scarf // thrifted purse + boots

Oh yeah, still sticking to season-appropriate outfits. Winter means blue, specifically navy. That is why this outfit today is covered mostly in navy. Though my favourite colour is orange, when it comes to clothes, navy dominates my closet. I have four dresses, three skirts, a coat, a blazer and several tops in this colour. So it's not hard to stick with the theme, I guess. Nothing I wear here is new, they were all acquired at least a month ago. Oh yeah, in case you don't already know, I won the Fashion to Any giveaway over at Kittenhood sometime ago. After picking out a couple items that I fell in love with - trust me, I wanted so many more -, I sent in my order and it just got dispatched last Friday. Totally, completely and absolutely excited to have them already. They should be here by Christmas. Please look forward to that because I have nothing more to say, outfit-wise.

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