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Fashion Mixology: 8 Outfits from 8 Pieces

One of my biggest prides as a blogger is the ability to remix items fairly well—you might notice the monthly remix posts I flaunt out here. I think remixing clothes is such a kind and beautiful way to appreciate and love your clothes and the people who make them. By learning how many ways you can style your clothes differently, you will be able to wear them to their full potential—and eventually find no need to constantly purchase new ones. If you don't know Elsie and Emma's Fashion Mixology, let me explain to you: The task is to create 8 different outfits from 8 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories don't count. Five years ago, out of pure chance, I attempted to do this with only 6 pieces of clothing—thus creating 6 different outfits—but now I think I'm going to try with 8 pieces.

Batik bolero (gifted) // Sis's necklace + purse // hand-me-down tights // old shoes // thrifted dress

One of the greatest way to turn a casual dress into something semiformal is by layering a bolero over it—mind you, it doesn't work with just any bolero; batik would be the safest option. Finishing with a big statement necklace to complete the appropriate look—and a pair of colourful tights, in my case.

Old dress // thrifted loafers + purse + shirt

Give a twist to your dress by wearing a button-up underneath. The collar gives a casual dress a more preppy vibe, which is what I'm basically all about. Something else I really love to do is pairing solid colours with printed patterns—especially if the colours are of different hues.

Firu's hand-me-down shirt // old skirt + loafers // hand-me-down bag

I absolutely love pairing two different elements to create an unexpected look. In this case, a boyfriend's button-up and a chiffon pencil skirt—is this pencil? I don't have a clue. Also, pairing two different patterns—stripes and...uhh, abstract—can give an outfit a fresh feel.

Old dress + loafers // thrifted vest // Koola Stuffa tote bag

Another way you can wear a dress is buy tucking it into a pair of shorts—add a vest to the look for a bit more edge. I love the casual feel of the shorts paired with the sophistication of the vest. No accessory needed with the prints of the dress and the form of the vest.

Firu's hand-me-down shirt // thrifted dress // old socks + shoes // Koola Stuffa tote //

Flapper Girl (now closed, similar) criss cross tie

You can also rock a shirt over a dress, for a change. If the shirt is too long—which it is in this case—you can always tie up the ends of it and roll it under the shirt. To make the outfit less plain, add any accessory of choice—a cute criss cross tie and a pair of knee-high socks can create the perfect preppy look.

thrifted dress // old skirt + shoes // hand-me-down purse

One of my absolute favourite ways to style a dress is to wear a skirt over it. When a dress has cute details on the top part, all the more reason to style it as a top. Add a cute, long necklace and a pair of quirky shoes for pops of colours—and now you're ready to go.

Thrifted shirt + shorts // gifted batik bolero // old socks + boots

I used to be so in love with the way a classmate of mind rocked blazer with shorts. The contrast of casual and, uhh, business is really eye-catching. Alternatively, bolero also looks good with shorts. I'd complete the look with a pair of boots—and quirky socks, optional.

Thrifted shirt + loafers // old skirt + hat

This is probably the simplest look in this pile—a solid coloured shirt paired with a printed skirt? What else is new? But add a hat, a headpiece or a statement necklace and it could become a less ordinary look. The bold colour and statement print can really work great together.

Well, I hope this has inspired you guys to remix your clothes more—it sure got me all pumped! It's been such a long while since the last time I actually plan what to wear for a long period of time—as you may notice, these were worn on different occasions. You know, each item we own has such huge potentials and countless possibilities in terms of function and style, so try looking at your clothes carefully and try out how many ways to Sunday you can rock it. If you guys want to see other ways to remix specific items that I happen to own, don't hesitate to check out my remix posts.

Let me know which outfit is your favourite!

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