Sunday, 30 April 2017

5 Ethically Conscious Blogs to Follow

To close this Fashion Revolution Week, I think nothing is more fitting than more inspirations from our fellow influencers. I applaud and admire people who use their influence for good, to try and change the world. I think, as cliché as it sounds, with great power comes great responsibility. In the world where people exploit consumerism and current trends on every corner, it's really refreshing to see people who decide to inspire others and use their voice for good. These women are really empowering and dedicated in terms of ethical fashion. They may still struggle with the journey to become more conscious consumers, but nobody's perfect and it's the determination to learn that matters. Without further ado here are some ethically conscious women you need to know...

It was through the power of instagram that Leah came to my attention. Her blog is filled with various tips on how to substitute your wardrobe with the ethical/fair option. It's through her that I first found more ethical fashion labels all over the world. Her casual styling of the items makes them look really versatile and easy to wear. She also conducts interviews and writes intriguing essays on activism and other related topics. If you're looking for various tips to ease your wardrobe into the ethical life, this is the blog to check out.

From the name, you can already tell how unique Izzy's style is. I can't be sure, but I think it was Izzy who found me and I quickly fell in love with her blog. Still a student, her blog documents Izzy's journey to turn her wardrobe into a more sustainable collection. Aside from ethical fashion, she's also passionate about cruelty-free makeup, veganism and traveling—she's visited various Southeast Asian countries, though not yet Indonesia. Other than her blog, you can find Izzy occasionally writing for Love from Berlin.

If you love stylish urban looks, you should check out Sabrina's blog. Again, it was through the miracle of instagram that I found her. Living in Berlin, her blog offers the aesthetics of the German capital—vintage-inspired and sometimes a bit normcore. She's also a vegan and lomography enthusiast. Such a cool girl! She's a true fashionista, watching current trends and posting wishlists, but she knows the best secondhand stores in Berlin and where to find ethical clothes.

If there's any veteran and expert on the subject, it's got to be Natalie. Having shuffled her way through sustainable fashion, she's found her place. With a background in fashion, this 27-year-old refuses to stay in the industry if she wasn't making positive change. Now Natalie blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle—posting Fair OOTDs and Conscious Lists (as she calls them) from time to time. She even practically introduced me to one local ethical fashion label that I'd never heard about.

My first impression of Leah is: "OMG this girl's so cute!" Her style is so close to my heart—everything I can see myself wearing—and she is so friendly. She's apparently quite the star in Brisbane—talking on events and appearing on the cover of magazines—and she's been to various interesting sustainable fashion-related events in her town. Her blog makes fair fashion so much fun and doable, that it's inspired me so much. She also started a clothing label in 2012 called The Happy Cabin and pursues her goal of becoming a social entrepreneur.

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