Sunday, 22 April 2012

Faded Green Blue Sky

Friday was a somewhat busy day for me. I got beat when I got home. A bunch of muslim girls in Halle -- including myself -- were having a prayer time where we involved ourselves in religious activities and discuss about the rules of our religious belief. In case you don't know, yes, I am a Muslim and proud of it. Afterwards, we chatted like the girls that we are whilst eating chicken porridge -- which was mega delicious. All of a sudden, 5 hours have passed and most of us were already exhausted. On Saturday, I just went through the town, running errands and checking out this new vintage secondhand store. It was very nicely organized and I found very lovely outfit there but I didn't buy them -- still a student on a budget here. Then I went to a park near a graveyard and took photos there.

These days I take more and more photos in public places. I try to find the most secluded place in the area -- which, hopefully, is also beautiful -- and take photos there. But, since it's still a public place, it's not strange that people still walk past it while I'm taking my photos. Some people'd stare at me and I'd smile at them so as to hide my embarrassment -- sometimes they smile back, sometimes they walk faster. Yesterday was one of the worst. I was crouching, ready to get snapped, when a group of boys walked by and stared at me for a good five minutes before they decided to laugh. Oh, what a few embarrassing moments now and again for a few beautiful pictures. This park, in particular, is located near the vintage store I just mentioned. I found it a few months back when I was just going through the town and found a perfectly nice shortcut through here. If you were ever in Halle, this is a shortcut from Leipziger Straße to Magdeburger Straße (Straße = Street).

Yet another blouse I bought way back when I was in Indonesia. I think I bought it when I was still very fat and now feels baggy against my body. I love the thin material and how breezy it is to wear in a hot day -- although yesterday was extra windy, despite the sun. Too bad it doesn't really show in these pictures but the blouse is green, although very faded green. The pants are also from Indonesia -- although I've never worn it on this blog and never even realized until now. And this is the debut of the thrifted vest to be matched with pants. I think it lightens up the outfit.

I love how the photos turn out on this post. They look very SLR-generated-like, no? Especially this one and the zoomed-in ones. Now it got me thinking, maybe I don't need SLR after all. Oh, and have you noticed the new blog design? I did it all on my own. Still pretty rookie-looking but it'll have to do for now. How do you like it? Hope you guys are having a spectacular weekend. Cheerio!


  1. i've lived for years ohne slr and still blogging. pas ada slr malah males krn rempong ._. anyway vest nya unyuuuu >_<

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