Thursday, 5 April 2012

Visiting Pompeii

Is today the best day or what? So glad, ever so much, that Herr Borschers and Frau Wolter had arranged for us to have this lovely field trip today. First off, I should tell you, Pompeii is one of my favourite town with a frightening yet breathtaking past so when I first saw the poster for this exhibition, I was more than thrilled to go see it -- except for the fact that I had no one to share it with. It is although very typical of Herr Borschers to give us an assignment to go along with it. Long story short, we went there with our group assignments in hand. Now, the best part about this trip is, we were the only ones who were given the permission to take photos since we had a press badge with us -- now I regret not taking a pic of it. I felt like a total journalist, what with the 3-4 people who scolded at me pointlessly for taking pics without looking at my press badge.

Oh, there is my friend, Elena!
 First thing's first, we had a little bit of introduction by Frau Dr. Dali, who gave us a tour and insights on what can and cannot be photographed -- with or without the press badge. Then we were free to roam the museum and collect the answers and information that we needed. My jaw dropped when I see these skeletons because, as far as I can remember, these are the first skeleton models I have ever seen! The museum people told us that these are real bones too. How about that, huh?

The ceiling of this whole museum was a projected image of moving lava
 After my group gathered the informations we needed -- one of which gave me an opportunity to feel an ancient axe, my group mates went home but I stayed for a little detour and photo-making. I really love how beautiful the inside of this museum looks because it sure looks just like a fort from outside. Sometimes I think, what does it feel like to work in a museum? Maybe kind of fun but probably also kind of boring at times because it's the same exhibition everyday until, of course, it ends.

The found skeletons of the Pompeiians

The last room we visited with Dr. Dali earlier today was the room with the huge elephant with it. Seeing it, Dan and I quickly turned to Mimi who is, by the way, the biggest elephant-maniac I know. Sure enough, we went back there a couple hours later because she wanted to take pictures with the cute elephant. Oh, Mimi. A really nice museum lady told me about this small door that I would have missed by myself. This is a time-travelling door because once you opened it, you could hear the sounds of how life had gone on way back when. It was kind of magical and heartwarming, hearing the bark of the dogs and the laughter of the children. Afterwards, we watched a film called "Der Letzte Tag von Pompeji" (The Last Day of Pompeii) which gave us a little insight of how the Pompeiians led their daily lives until the fateful day. It was both a scary and insightful story...although of course it's not just a story. It was real lives. This experience seriously makes me want to go to the real Pompeii even more. Oh, God, please.

On a side note: today I woke up to Elsie's news that instagram came to android. Without a second thought, I downloaded it and overused it without thinking. So here's that elephant-y pic that Mimi (middle), Dan (left) and I had thanks to a nice old man and the lovely museum lady who offered to take our photos. Thank you so much, kind strangers! Have a nice midweek, everyone! Cheerio now!

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